Welcome to the 2012/13 School Year

Watch the Seniors enter the Graduation Ceremony
Watch the Seniors give their Speeches
Watch the Seniors receive their Diplomas

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2013 Seniors enter Graduation Ceremony

2013 Seniors give Speeches

2013 Seniors receive Diplomas

Class of 2013

2013 Seniors

1st Year Students

1st yr pic

Back Row: David Shack, Guidman Reyes, Brandon Millian, Danny Lopez, Steven Guerra, Rigoberto Teec

Middle: Allen Bonnell, Joseph Manzanero, Marcos Martinez, Nelson Velasquez, Ronnie Cassasola, Jonathan Rash

Front: Gabriel Banos, Noel Pineda, Andrew Williams

2nd Year Students

2nd yr pic

Back Row: Jose Castro, Luis Flores, Oscar Hernandez, Randy Suarez

Front: Rodel Mai, Alfred Ortiz, Elvis Najarro, Henry Gonzalez, Alonzo Valle


all yr pic

Principal, Calvin Avilez; Director, Frankie Wade

1st Year Students

Nelson pic

Nelson Velasquez

Joseph pic

Joseph Manzanero

Brandon pic

Brandon Millian

Noel pic

Noel Pineda

Steven pic

Steven Guerra

Gabriel pic

Gabriel Banos

Guidman pic

Guidman Reyes

Ronnie pic

Ronnie Cassasola

Rigoberto pic

Rigoberto Teec

Andrew pic

Andrew Williams

Danny pic

Danny Lopez

David pic

David Shack

Marcos pic

Marcos Martinez

Jonathan pic

Jonathan Rash

Men who Dream

Music used with permission of Sons of Korah (Psalm 126)