Welcome to the 2011/12 School Year

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2012 Seniors enter Graduation Ceremony

2012 Seniors give Speeches

2012 Seniors receive Diplomas

Soccer Tournament


Belize Vo-Tech students enjoying 2nd place trophy in Feb 2012 soccer tournament - Nice Shoes!

12 Students Make Profession of Faith

Profess Faith

Back Row: Mario Franco (2nd Year), Luis Flores (1st), Brandon Bolon (2nd), Rajeem Martinez (2nd), and Alfred Ortiz (1st)

Middle: Elvis Najarro, Alonzo Valle, Rodel Mai, Henry Gonzalez, Jevaughn McKenzie (All 1st Year)

Front: Rudy Mejia, Jose Castro (Both 1st Year)

Christmas 2011

Christmas pic 2

Checking out the gifts in their bags

Christmas pic 1

Rose reads a Christmas story to the boys

Christmas pic 4

Snacks at the Christmas party nachos, sandwiches, and homemade cookies

Christmas pic 3

Checking out their gifts

2nd Year Students

2nd yr pic

Back Row: Edwin, Rajeem, Brandon, Byron

Middle: Jacob, Joselito, Rudy

Front: Abilio, Moses, Mario, Walter, David


senior pic

Back Row: Armando, Byron, Edward, Kyle

Front: Brian, Yoni, Greg, Ceizer

All Students

all yr pic

1st Year Students

1st yr pic

Back Row: Alfred, Jarrette, Randy

Middle: Luis, Jevaughn, Jose, Rudy

Front: Oscar, Henry, Rodel, Elvis, Alonzo

1st Year Students

Rodel pic

Rodel Mai
San Jose

Randy pic

Randy Suarez
San Jose

Henry pic

Henry Gonzalez
Maya Mopan

Elvis pic

Elvis Najarro
San Martin

Alfred pic

Alfred Ortiz
Belize City

Oscar pic

Oscar Hernandez
Cotton Tree

Jevaughn pic

Jevaughn McKenzie

Alonzo pic

Alonzo Valle

Jose pic

Jose Castro
Las Flores

Rudy pic

Rudy Mejia
Las Flores

Luis pic

Luis Florez
San Jose

Men who Dream

Music used with permission of Sons of Korah (Psalm 126)