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Team Report: Training Boys

Team Schedule: 2012/13 school year
Team Report: Time Well Spent
Team Report: Transformation
Team Report: Heart for Missions
Team Schedule: 2011/12 school year
Team Schedule: 2010/11 school year

Oh Happy Day: Hillside Church Youth Group

Team Report: Training Boys

Quinten Report 1
Quinten Report 2

More Training Boys

A lot has happened since the last update. The most recent is we have 3 guys from Michael Memorial Baptist staying with us to work with the boys. Pray that they be given opportunities to minister to the boys.

The last couple of weeks have been frustrating and enlightening also. Two of our boys were put on suspension two weeks ago. They have both rejoined the group. One thing this has taught me is that I too am very defiant. I rebel constantly against the will of my Father. The Lord has been reminding me that a life that emulates His is a life of surrender. To deny my will in favor of His. To seek to glorify Him, not me. We are told to submit ourselves to God, to humble ourselves. When we do this, He will exalt us! Our boast is in Christ Jesus!

The memory verse for the boys two weeks ago was Luke 9:23. "If any man wishes to come after me let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me." How often do I, do you, deny what we desire in favor of surrender to the Lord? This issue with a few of the boys has been a mirror for me to see my own rebellious heart. Ask the Lord to soften the rebellious hearts of our young men at the school. Then ask yourself, "Am I denying myself?"

Jason and Ashley have recently returned to the states for a mission meeting. Pray that this be a wonderful time for them to reconnect with family and rest. Also, pray they have a safe return trip on Wednesday.

I have about 3 weeks here now. I have enjoyed being here. The one thing I will be taking away from this time at the school more than anything else is this: Our short term teams are EXTREMELY important!!

The staff, which God has called here, gets opportunities to minister to the boys and they take advantage of those opportunities. However, we are the norm for these boys. We are the ones that hand out discipline, instruction, guidance, love, consequences, etc. The boys don’t open up to us as they do the teams that come in with the full intent of loving them and spending time with them.

To all of you that are on the fence and wondering how God can use you in just one week, let me say this: HE CAN and HE WILL!! Just as your local Fellowship needs you to be actively involved and not warming a seat a couple time a week, so too do missionaries around the globe need your support. They need your prayers and funding but they need more than that. They need YOU.

We have all been called to go. Where are you going? To help with the food pantry? To disciple a young person and show them how to follow Christ? To a family across the street that needs help? To a county around the Globe? Have you said, "Here I am Lord, send me."

We Love You ... Lots

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24 Little Brothers

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Team Schedule 2012/13

Jan 8-15, 2013: Corryton Church, Knoxville, TN - construction.

Feb 8-15: First Baptist Church, Saltillo, MS - construction.

Mar 2-9: First Baptist Church, Kingsport, TN - dental & other support.

Mar 9-16: Flat Rock Baptist Church, Hickory Flat, MS - spiritual emphasis week.

Mar 16-22: Trinity Baptist Church, Ada, OK - dental, VBS, construction.

Apr 19-26: Martin Cheney team.

Jun 6-11: Corryton Church, Knoxville, TN.

Jun 8-15: New Salem Baptist Church, Columbus, MS.

Jun 14-29: Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI - video, graduation support.

Jun 15-28: Hillside Christian Church, Amarillo, TX - construction, VBS.

Jun 21-29: Grant City Christian Church, Grant City, MO - graduation support.

Jul 23-30: Corryton Church, Knoxville, TN - youth camp.

Team Report: Time Well Spent

First Person account by Dr. Larry Gillenwater, Kingsport, Tenn.

I have been going to Belize since 1987. For several years, we made one trip a year, and over the last several years have been making two to three trips yearly. The school is really an awesome place, allowing kids that really do not have an opportunity because of poverty and family circumstances (so many kids, no Dad, no money, no work for parents) to learn a trade and get out of the extreme poverty they are in.

dr larry

We first started going with a group of about 15-18 in 1987. We did dental work, construction work, VBS, etc. There are opportunities to do whatever God has in mind for you. You just need to be willing and flexible. So many times for me, it is not the dental work, but a 15-20 minute conversation with one kid about knowing Christ, or working through a problem the kid has at home, etc., that is so important. The dentistry, for me, is a minor secondary activity, even though the weeks I am doing that it consumes most of my time.

One event I would challenge team members to do, if possible, in small groups, or as individuals is to take a small amount of time and go visit one of the kid’s family. See the extreme poverty they are in, talk to them about how they do farming, where they get water. Sit in their house, see how very little they have to live on. I will never forget being there after Hurricane Mitch devasted Honduras and other areas. Living Waters church had a sign as you walked in the foyer: Hurricane Relief Supplies. They were gathering materials to take down to victims of the hurricane. It really hit hard how very little so many of them had, but they were sharing with others in desperate need. It reminded me of the lady Jesus told about that gave the coin she had.

The people of Belize are so appreciative of the little bit you do. The kids at school are so attentive, many so eager to learn and grow. It is so awesome to see them grow as Christians during the time they are there. You wonder sometimes about many first-year kids, if they will make it. If their attitudes will change. Some don’t. But with others, the growth spiritually, mentally is so awesome, you know God is at work, Miracles are happening. There is no other way to explain it.

dr larry

Many of the kids that come there might be considered “throw-away kids” by society. They have not learned to read, to achieve, to do anything worthwhile. But watch what happens after they have been there for a while and learn there is a God who loves them, a God who does not create any “throw-away kids,” a God who has a plan for every individual. See the transformation that takes place when they find there are people who care about them and want to help them learn of God’s love, learn to read, learn math, learn a trade.

Then, stop and think about the change that can take place in you as you share God’s love, see that a few minutes helping a kid can make an eternal difference, change a life. You may not see it for a while, may not see it this side of Heaven. The kids can be quiet and not say what they are thinking. Seeds are planted; someone else may see the results. You made a difference. You showed God’s love, you took the time to care, you took a few minutes that made a huge difference for a kid.

Maybe you went to do construction, teach reading, tutor, help with mechanics, work in a garden. The most important thing you do, though, is spend a few minutes just talking about Jesus, problems in life, solutions. Maybe you just tell a story, and the difference in a life can be long-lasting. The Lord can take the simple things we do and change a life forever. Just be willing to listen to His voice. He will guide in any mission effort that is done in His name, for His glory, at any place and any time. The difference you can make is awesome. It’s eternal.

Team Report: Transformation

What an awesome God we serve!!! In March 2012, our team from Lifepoint Church in Crystal River, FL, had the honor of serving Him at the Global Outreach Vo-Tech School, where God is at work transforming the lives of young men all for His glory. If we were to sum our trip up in one word, it would be transformation.

First of all, we were part of a very obvious physical transformation of a chicken coup. Our team worked alongside Lyle and the boys shoveling limerock, roofing, nailing on siding, and putting up the wire around the chicken coup. The framed structure was transformed into a finished chicken coup. We will never again take for granted the delicious chicken that the cooks serve in the cafeteria!


Some roofing going up


Getting busy with the shovels


Starting to look pretty good


Putting on some siding


Time to get the chicken ready for dinner


How many guys does it take to put up a little wire around a chicken coup?

We saw spiritual transformation in the boys as the week progressed—what began as awkward times of communicating between our team members and the boys, soon became close relationships through laughing, sharing, playing, studying, story-telling, teaching, preaching—all methods used by Jesus as He discipled His followers. It is through this transformation process that the boys are able to “learn to know God’s will for them, which is good and pleasing and perfect” (Romans 12:2).


A great way to make new friends - help clean up the dishes


Sharing a meal together


Time for a swim in the river


Taking a break from work to have a chat

As team leaders, we love to watch the transformation in our team. Throughout the week, we were blessed to see God do a work in each team member as they participated in His Kingdom work—they received more than they gave. They will never be the same—their minds have been renewed as they realized their gifts, talents, and abilities are valuable to God and His Kingdom purposes—with His anointing they were amazed to be used mightily by Him as they made themselves available. Each and every team member was an asset to God’s plans and purposes for this trip and we enjoyed seeing the process.


Growing together as a team


The Global Unit - our home in Belize


Team members having fellowship together


Working together as a team

Debbie was honored to be asked by Pastor Frankie Wade to minister the Word of God to the women and congregation of Living Waters Fellowship Church, and we know God’s Word always brings about transformation when it is planted into fertile soil.


Boarding the school bus for our return ride after church


Debbie sharing with the women at Living Waters Fellowship Church

We are excited about the future transformation God has in store for the school. We watched as Lyle presented the “keys” to Pastor Frankie, marking the beginning of a new season as he assumes the role of director. Pastor Frankie graduated from the school in 1988 and God has been preparing him to assume the responsibility of leading the school to a greater level of impact in the country of Belize. Exciting times!!


Our team with Lyle & Rose


Lyle presenting the keys to Pastor Frankie

"And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him. Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect." Romans 12:1-2 (NLT)

Team Members: Jimmy Fiske, Jordan Gude, Logan Gude, Stanley Gude, Kyle Marra, Debbie Milton, Vance Milton, Charlotte Sharp, Richard Sharp, Jaime Slayton, Joan Wiley

Team Report: Heart for Missions

Berry Terry, Director of Missions for Southside Baptist Church, Decatur, Alabama, led a team of 13 volunteers to Belize Vo-Tech, January 21-29, 2012.

Located near Belmopan, Belize, this is a Christian Boarding School for boys age 14-17. The school offers a 3 year program and the boys graduate with a vocational skill. The school's mission is to train boys to become Godly young men.

Our team's primary objective was to conduct a "Spiritual Emphasis Week" at the school, in addition to performing various construction and "handy man" projects on the school campus. Team members also provided school supplies, Bibles, and personal items for all of the boys at the school.

This was the 6th trip that Southside has made to Belize Vo-Tech in the last five years. When 13 people go to another country to love on 31 boys in Jesus name, amazing things happen! Not because of the people, but because of Jesus. A mission trip "can" change you...


Group of boys with Team member Gorman Grisham


Betty Terry with 3rd year student Greg Torres - Greg prayed to receive Christ while we were there in 2011 on our 5th trip

God provided opportunities for electrical work to be done. A new washer and dryer, freezer and refrigerator were purchased and installed. Also repairs on the water filtration system and hot water tank were done, and new steps were rebuilt for one of the guest homes.


Team members Randy Smith and Scott Terry built new steps for one of the houses


Marta showing off the new washer and dryer that team members purchased and installed for the school


Team members Scott Terry and Randy Smith working on equipment in kitchen


Team member Randy Smith shows off a new freezer that team members purchased for the school

The team built relationships with the boys and taught classes daily from the book of Daniel, as well as leading morning devotions, a soccer tournament, music classes, and nightly worship services. The theme for the week was “The God we serve is able to save” taken from Daniel 3:16-18. Much emphasis was given during the week in memorizing 21 verses of scripture.


Boys getting ready for Praise and Worship time led by our Praise Team (Deb Terry, Jordan Smith and David Ward)


Team members Linda Grisham, Betty Terry, Deb and Scott Terry with a group of boys


Joselito Perez, a 2nd year student, was winner of the memory verses - reward presented by Deborah Terry


Team member David Ward giving guitar lessons to several boys - all of the boys love music

We left for home knowing God's word was hidden in their hearts and that we now have eight new brothers in Christ, which is all because amazing things happen because of Jesus!

For His Glory,

Deb Terry, Connect Ministry Leader
Safe Haven Church

Team members: Berry Terry, Betty Terry, Gorman Grisham, Linda Grisham, Ryan Grisham, Bryan Hill, Greg Johnson, Deborah Terry, Scott Terry, Andrew Robinson, Jordan Smith, Randy Smith, David Ward

Team Schedule 2011/12

Sep 8-Oct 21, 2011: Nelene Pannell, Booneville, MS – missionary emeritus.

Oct 29-Nov 1: Dr. Moira Bruce, Elmbrook Church, WI.

Jan 14-21, 2012: Good Hope Baptist Church, Purvis, MS - discipleship.

Jan 21-29: Southside Baptist Church, Decatur, Al - discipleship.

Jan 23-Feb 7: Dr. Larry Gillenwater, Kingsport, TN.

Jan 29-Mar 10: Nelene Pannell, Booneville, MS.

Feb 2: Rod Wallace, Gulfport, MS.

Feb 2-25: Jeremy McMahan, Tupelo, MS - teach welding.

Feb 18-25: First Baptist Church, Saltillo, MS - new toilets, sinks and paint in senior dorm.

Mar 3-10: First Baptist Church, Kingsport, TN; Petal Harvey Baptist & Macedonia Baptist, Petal, MS - dental work, construction on woodworking building.

Mar 10-17: Thaxton Baptist Church, Thaxton, MS - VBS in neighboring village.

Mar 17-24: Trinity Baptist Church college ministry, Ada, OK - construction, VBS in Valley of Peace.

Mar 24-31: Lifepoint Church, Crystal River, FL - construction of new chicken house.

May 5-12: Emmanuel Christian School, Manassas, VA.

May 26-Jun 2: Carterville Baptist Church, Petal, MS.

Jun 2-9: Ronnie Hatfield, Iuka Baptist Church, Iuka, MS.

Jun 16-23: Petal Harvey Baptist Church, Petal, MS; Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI.

Jun 23-30: Macedonia Baptist Church, Petal, MS; Graduation Week Teams.

Team Schedule 2010/11

Jan 1-8, 2011: 4 men, First United Methodist Church, Hopewell, VA – put up fencing around the Global Unit.

Jan 8-14: Drs. Mark and Moira Bruce, Elmbrook Church, WI – conducted physicals on new students, brought chicken pox vaccine for new students.

Jan 11-18: Rev. Boyd Tweedy, Calvary Baptist Church, Petal, MS, and son Rev. Charles Tweedy, 1st Baptist Church, Purvis, MS – guitar lessons, special Bible studies.

Jan 22-30: Southside Baptist Church, Decatur, AL – conducted Spiritual Emphasis Week.

Feb 4-7: 2 senior adult couples, Crafts and Pierres, Liberty, MS – agricultural and mechanical work.

Feb 19-27: adult team, First Baptist Church, Saltillo, MS – mechanics work, painted dining hall inside, helped prepare Living Waters Fellowship Church for special day of celebration, tutored.

Mar 4-11: adult team, First Baptist Church, Kingsport, TN – dental work, built a house for a couple in Valley of Peace.

Mar 11-18: college team, Trinity Baptist Church, Ada, OK – Vacation Bible School in Valley of Peace, tutoring, worked on campus.

Mar 19-26: adult team, Furrs Baptist Church, Furrs, MS – built a solar dry kiln.

May 5-12: Scott Pullon, InterAmerican Missons; Norm Galloway, Hilton Head, SC – brought computers and set up computer lab with internet reading program.

May 14-21: adult team, First Baptist Church, Iuka, MS – planted corn and mechanical work.

Month of June: 2 Youth Interns, Trinity Baptist Church, Ada, OK – tutoring, help with graduation, work on campus.

Jun 4-11: adult team, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Manassas, VA – Vacation Bible School in Young Bank Village, tutoring, special Bible study.

Jun 11-18: adult and youth team, Southside Baptist Church, Fayette, AL – street evangelism, work on campus.

Jun 18-Jul 2: Phil Brooks, Elmbrook Church, WI – shot new video for school.

Jun 25-Jul 2: Paulette Brooks, Elmbrook Church, WI; team of 4 from Petal Harvey Baptist Church & Macedonia Baptist Church, Petal, MS; team of 2 from Global Outreach Home Office, Tupelo, MS; team of 7 from Simpson family & Friends – Graduation Week support.

Jul 6-12: youth and adult team, First Baptist Church & Good Hope Baptist Church, Purvis, MS – camp for Belizean youth.