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Mission Trip for Life

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Mission of Belize Vo-Tech

Belize Vo-Tech is a multi faceted extension of Global Outreach International, which ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Belize. All work is done through the love of Christ and for His glory. The purpose and goal of the ministry is:

  • To share the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ that leads to a personal relationship with Him
  • Teach God's Holy Word
  • Teach Christian discipleship
  • Teach skills and trades relevant to this day and time in this nation
  • Teach individuals to be self-sufficient, self-supporting and to develop and use their talents and skills to their fullest potential

Belize Vo-Tech campus

The heart of the program is the Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech Training Center. It is located on 80 acres of cleared jungle approximately 4 miles from Belmopan on the bank of the Belize River. Operated as a boarding school, the campus has two boys dorms, classrooms, a library, kitchen/dining facilities, bath house, office building, mechanic shop, welding shop, woodworking shop, slaughter house, chicken house, dairy barn, six staff houses and living quarters for teams. The center provides room, board, clothing, personal hygiene items, health care and school materials for each of the boys enrolled.

The vision for the center is to minister to and raise up young Belizean men to make an impact in their community and country for the gospel. Young men are selected each year from applications. They stay for three years participating in academic and vocational studies. Many of the graduates are walking in the ways of the Lord and making a difference in Belize.

The Belize Vo-Tech staff work as a team to insure the Belizean young men receive good academic instruction and quality vocational training. Each makes a contribution to the spiritual emphasis given during all aspects of the student's stay at the vo-tech center. The Center is open year-round, with breaks between each session, and offers training in welding, mechanics, woodworking, agriculture training, computer training and animal science.

Upon entry, each boy, at least 14 years of age, is tested for his academic ability and placed in an appropriate class. Once a suitable academic level is achieved, he is placed in a trade training area.

The Belize Vo-Tech Training Center begins each year with 30 to 35 boys. This number of students allows us to give them the individual attention they need to do well, and to help them understand and develop a relationship with God. Your participation in the Global Outreach Belize Sponsorship Program, will allow you the opportunity to be directly involved in changing the lives of many boys.

You can Make a Difference at Belize Vo-Tech

There are many opportunities for mission teams to minister. Short-term teams are directed to assist at the school and in the surrounding community in many areas including evangelistic outreach, teaching and tutoring, construction, medical/dental care and health and nutritional training.

The ministry goal is to provide for the total need of the total community. Long-term missionaries provide follow-up ministries and maintain the outreach program.

Anyone who volunteers for short term mission work has the opportunity to become directly involved with the students of the school and share personally with them as the work is being accomplished. As work continues and new ministry areas are opened, we have opportunities for you to become involved. Your prayers, financial support and personal involvement are critical to maintaining and expanding the ministry focus of Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech. Please pray about how God would have you be involved in His work in Belize.

Global Outreach is a faith ministry that depends totally on volunteers, prayer and financial gifts from people like you. Global Outreach missionary staffs - full time and short-term - raise their own support. Each mission project is operated by generous material and financial gifts from Christian supporters who recognize the need to share Christ and His Love with all people.

Global Outreach International

Global Outreach International, based in Tupelo, Mississippi, is a nondenominational missionary sending and support agency with missionaries in more than 30 countries worldwide. Global Outreach Foundation (GO) was founded in 1970 by a group of Christian men and women in Mississippi who answered God's call to share His gift of saving grace with people in developing countries. They began to work together to build a faith-based nondenominational ministry dedicated to helping the needy help themselves and find renewed life in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Global Outreach supports missionaries by providing much needed administrative support to independent missionaries who share the same basic beliefs that the ministry was founded upon. This support is provided to the missionaries at no charge. One hundred percent of donated money designated for a missionary's account goes to that missionary. Operating costs for this critical support are covered through trusts and donations designated for administrative costs.

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Global Outreach International is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.