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Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech
is making a difference
in the lives of the boys here, as
we train them to be men of God.

Frankie Wade, Director

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Passing the Baton in "Generations"

Music used with permission of Rod Gear

Three Students Tell their Story in "Our Journey"

Music used with permission of Sons of Korah (Psalm 96)

How You can Make a Difference at Belize Vo-Tech

PRAY for the new and returning students, and for the teachers and other staff.

SEND a team to support projects and encourage the students.

GIVE a financial contribution - click on the Donate button ===>

See how Belize Vo-Tech is "Making a Difference"

Music used with permission of Sons of Korah (Psalm 91)

Highlights from 2014

First and second year students are now in the new dormitory, for the 2014/15 school year. Thanks for all your generous support!

A new school bus and van arrived at the school in January 2014. What a blessing! Special thanks to Billy McWilliams and his team from Petal, Mississippi for undertaking this huge effort.